Zinger Winger Silver Hunt Tester - G5

  • Zinger Winger Hunt Tester G5 Remote


    If you want the highest and longest mark you can possibly achieve then this model is for you.

    The Hunt Tester™ G5 offers awesome performance with being the largest model in the Zinger Winger lineup. The overall length is 69" tall (down from 72" tall) with the weight of 17lbs. The smaller size will make it easier to carry in and out of the field as well as transport in smaller vehicles. Another added benefit to the smaller size is that the shipping costs will be greatly reduced. The smaller size of the Hunt Tester G5 will mean it ships in a smaller box without incurring oversize fees from UPS. This was a problem with our earlier models. Performance is maintained as the rubber length has been modified in order to obtain the force needed to throw the heaviest birds. The Hunt Tester G5 launches a jaw dropping, eye popping mark. The length of time the bird sails thru the air is enough to make the steadiest of dogs break. Better be ready!

    The Hunt Tester G5™ will launch ducks, pheasants, pigeons, Dokkens, and bumpers as well as live flyers. Measuring at 69" x 1 1/2" x 25" when folded flat, it's versatility allows the user to quickly choose direction, arc and height of the throw.


    Features our exclusive servo actuated Multi-Shot Sound™ release mechanism which fires 209, .22 and .32 caliber blanks.

    When combined with the Dogtra, Garmin (Tri-tronics) or SportDOG remote release electronics it becomes an important part of your dog training equipment that will quickly improve your dogs marking ability. In order for your dog to successfully compete on a consistent basis they must be shown marks (in their daily training) that have the same distance, arc and height of marks seen at your weekend Hunt Tests and Field Trials.


    Drop-Ship Item. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.
    Price Includes oversize freight charges.

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