Garmin Alpha 200i Software Update Version 3.10

November 20, 2020

Garmin just release a new software update (3.10) for the Garmin Alpha 200i handhelds for all regions fixing several issues and bugs.
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Simple Tips for the LCS E-Collar Trade-In Program

November 20, 2020 7 Comments

It has been almost three years since we started our trade-in program.  We felt that it was time to give an update on the program and how it is working. Our trade-in program was started to with three purposes in mind:...
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Dogtra Pathfinder SE Kit Introduction

November 09, 2020

Dogtra Pathfinder SE Kit, an all-in-one system, which includes a special edition Pathfinder collar, GPS Connector, and a CAT S48c smart phone. No longer will you have to use your personal cell phone to use the Dogtra Pathfinder system.
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Garmin Alpha 100 vs Garmin Alpha 200i

October 16, 2020 7 Comments

The Garmin 200i takes everything we love about the Alpha 100 and takes it even further. In this article, we are going to take a deep dive into all the new features of the Alpha 200i, compare that to the...
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Why You Should be Using Red Cedar Bedding

October 13, 2020

There are several types of bedding out there for use in dog kennels. Using red cedar ribbons as bedding can offer additional benefits over using straw or hay. In this article, we will break down each of those benefits and...
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Highlighted New Enhancements of the Alpha 200i

October 06, 2020 3 Comments

The newly released Garmin Alpha 200i takes everything that has been tried and tested with the Alpha 100 and adds a list of great new features. Below are some of our favorites that we found when testing out the new handheld.
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Tuf-Foot by The Bonaseptic Company

September 30, 2020

Tuf-Foot is specially formulated using a mixture of herbs and balsams that aboriginal tribes used on their own feet. This concoction works to condition your dog’s paws to help prevent injuries, like blisters and cut pads. For over 70 years,...
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Annamaet Glycocharge Review

September 28, 2020 1 Comment

Glycocharge by Annamaet is the ideal post exercise supplement, formulated to aid in the rapid repletion of muscle glycogen stores following periods of work or exercise. It should be given within 30 minutes following exercise. In a study on running...
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Why You Should Carry A First Aid Kit

September 23, 2020

I wanted to share a story of a scary day I had with my dog, Hoonigan, mushroom hunting in an old logging cut on state land here in Pennsylvania. The day was a beautiful early fall day, I was searching for...
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Pad Heal by Cut-Heal

September 15, 2020

Pad Heal by Cut-Heal offers superb protection for hunting, working, racing, and endurance dogs. It conditions, repairs, and strengthens any splits in the pads or webbing. It also creates a germ and water-resistant barrier. Pad Heal penetrates rapidly and deeply, all without...
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Lion Country Supply Stake Out

August 24, 2020

The Lion Country Supply Stake Out was designed by dog trainers and is a favorite amongst our employees and customers. Whether you’re staking out your dog for periods of time, switching between dogs, or using them as a training tool,...
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Which Bumpers Are Right For You?

August 19, 2020

Want to teach our dog the skill of retrieving? The best tool in a retriever trainer’s training bag is the bumper. Bumpers come in many styles, shapes, colors, and materials. The most frequent question we get from customers is “What type...
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