Garmin and Tri-Tronics Trade-In Program

Trade In Your Used Tri-Tronics or Garmin Units to Upgrade to new Training Systems

Lion Country Supply is proud to announce that as of January 1st, 2018, we will now be accepting trade-ins on Tri-Tronics and Garmin E-Collar systems, extra collars, and handhelds. The trade-in value you receive will be used towards the purchase of a brand new Garmin, SportDOG, DT Systems, or Dogtra system through Lion Country Supply. We will be accepting both working AND non-working electronics. Please include chargers and accessories if available.

We will be accepting the following e-collar units:


Garmin Astro 430
Garmin Astro 320
Garmin Astro 220
Garmin Alpha 100
PRO Trashbreaker
PRO 70
PRO 550
Sport PRO
Tri-Tronics G2
Tri-Tronics G3
Delta Series


Garmin T5
Garmin T5 Mini
Garmin TT15
Garmin TT15 Mini
Garmin TT10
Garmin DC20
Garmin DC30
Garmin DC40
Garmin DC50
Garmin PT10, PT6, PT5
Garmin TB10
Tri-Tronics G2 and G3
Garmin Delta

Before sending your product to us, please keep these tips in mind:

- If your equipment is dirty or skunked, please give it a quick cleaning such as a wipe down before sending it to us.

- Please charge the equipment before sending it to us.

- Include any chargers that originally came with the equipment.

- If any equipment is non-functional, please label it.

Once you have filled out the print-out document, please choose one of the two options available:

Option One: Send Old Equipment First

1. Print out and fill in the Trade-In Document provided above.

2. Place both the document and equipment in a box and send it to us.

3. Once we receive the box, we will inspect the contents and test the equipment.

4. Once we are finished inspecting the old equipment, we will contact you and provide you with an offer for your trade-in.

5. If you accept our offer, then you may continue with your purchase and we will credit your order with the value of the purchase. If you do not accept the offer, we will send you back your equipment that you had sent to us.

6. Once the transaction is complete, we will send the new product and you are finished!

Option Two: Purchase New Equipment First

1. Purchase and complete your transaction through our website, phone, or storefront.

2. When finished, you will send us your old equipment including the trade-in form and the old equipment to our store.

3. Once we have obtained the trade-in, we will take a look and inspect the trade-in.

4. When the inspection is completed, we will contact you with a value for your equipment and refund you the trade-in value to the account that was used for the purchase.

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