Lion Country Supply Dealer Program

Lion Country Supply has an extensive product line, over 2600 different items, that we make available to authorized LCS Dealerships. To qualify, you must have a viable retail store and actively be selling products to the public. Please note - we do not make dealerships available for personal purchases or to clubs to offer members a discount.

We make it easy as possible to become a dealer and ask that you follow the process as outlined below:

1. Complete the LCS Dealer Application. 
2. Review our Dealer Terms and Conditions. 
3. Fax or email your application to LCS for review at 814-684-5900 or 
4. We will review your application and contact you within one week. 
5. If approved, we require an opening order of $1500 and a yearly purchase amount of $2500 to maintain approved dealer status. 

Please feel free to contact with any questions at or 800-662-5202.

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