Garmin PRO Control 2 System

  • Garmin PRO Control 2 System

    Garmin Pro Control 2 remote receiver system includes PRO Control 2 handheld device and remote receiver for quick, reliable, wireless control of dog training launchers/releasers. The system has a range of more than one half a mile easy-to-read LCD display, separate launch and training modes and can control additional PRO Control 2 remote receiver devices (sold separately). PRO Control 2 remote receiver device has 3 selectable sounds. It works independently with up to 2 compatible launcher/releaser devices. The Rapid Launch feature lets you control multiple remote receiver devices with the push of a button.

    Product Features Handheld Only:

    • Launcher-Dual launch capability enables independent control of up to 2 compatible launcher/releaser devices
    • Loud Audio- Built in Speaker horn design delivers crisp, powerful audio and realistic sounds
    • Preloaded Sounds- Comes preloaded with three selectable, enhanced sounds (duck call, "hey, hey, hey" and tone)
    • Audio Output- A 3.5 mm audio jack on remote device allows for optional external speaker
    • Battery Life- Lithium-ion battery provides up to 200 launches per charge

    Product Specifications for Handheld Only:

    • Unit Dimensions- 4.3" X 3.0" X 2.2"
    • Weight - 7.4 oz.
    • Range - More than 1/2 mile radio range; sounds can be heard grater than 400 yards
    • Battery - Rechargeable, replaceable lithium-ion (included); Battery life: up to 200 launches
    • Audio Jack - Yes, for line-out access to an external powered speaker
    • Sounds - Plays 3 sounds(duck call, Hey Hey Hey, and Tone); Sound file format: WAV, 32 kHz, 16 bit mono or stereo. Maximum audio playback time for all three sound files: 48 Seconds for mono, 24 seconds for stereo.
    • Water Rating - IPX7

    Product Features for Transmitter Only:

    • Excellent Range - Consistently provides a range of more than 1/2 mile
    • Rapid Launch Button- Rapid Launch setting lets you control multiple launch devices sequentially with 1 button
    • Ease of Use- One hand control offers easy mode selection, launcher control and sound selection
    • Battery Life- Long Lasting, rechargeable, user replaceable lithium-ion battery
    • Different Modes- Quickly switch between training and launch modes using the 'mode' button. For training mode, PRO Control 2 is compatible with Delta Series dog devices and PRO Series dog devices (collars).

    Physical Specifications for Transmitter Only:

    • Unit Dimensions - 2.1"x 5.4"x 1.1"
    • Display Type - LCD
    • Weight - 3.7 oz.
    • Range - More than 1/2 mile
    • Operates Multiple Receivers - Up to 18
    • Battery - Rechargeable lithium ion (included) 80 hours per charge
    • Water Rating- IPX7; Floats

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