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  • Top 5 Antler Shed Hunting Training Products

    January 14, 2021 3 min read 1 Comment

    New to shed hunting training or thinking about training your dog, but not sure what products to start with? Below we break down our top 5 antler shed training products.

    1. Shed Hunting Antler Retriever Training Kit

    DogBone Antler Shed Training Kit

    The right training tools can enhance your training experience and lead to better results. For those just beginning antler shed hunting training, our favorite product is the Shed Hunting Antler Retriever Training Kit. This all-inclusive kit includes everything that you need to get started training your dog to hunt sheds – a rubber training antler, training scent, and Shed Hunting Training Guide. The antler retriever training kit is perfect for the first two phases of shed hunting training. With the durable rubber antler, this kit will last multiple training seasons.

    To read a full review on this product see, Shed Hunting Antler Retriever Training Kit Review.

    2. Rack Wax Shed Hunting Training Scent

    With shed hunting training, your goals are to teach both antler sight and antler scent recognition. To teach antler scent recognition, we recommend the Rack Wax Shed Hunting Training Scent sticks. These concentrated antler scent come in an easy-to-apply wax and are a great training tool. Simply apply the training scent to the base of your training antler during training to build on scent recognition. Training your dog to hunt by scent will greatly increase your ability to find sheds, especially those in heavy cover or buried by leaves.

    3. Shed Hunting Antler Rack Wash

    Although not necessary for beginner trainers, the Shed Hunting Antler Rack Wash is a must-have for advanced training. The Antler Rack Wash is used in one gallon of water to remove all human scent from your training antlers. This is very important in training your dog in the most realistic training scenarios, forcing your dog to use all of their skills to find the antler sheds. Without removing human scent from the antlers, a dog can “cheat” and smell out the human scent that is on the antler instead of truly smelling out the scent of the antler.

    4. Shed Hunting Leather Rack Strap

    Something worth considering is how you are going to carry all of the antlers you find or are using in training. The Shed Hunting Leather Rack Strap allows you to easily carry up to 8 antlers. When not using it in the field, the leather rack strap also makes a great way to store or display your antlers.
    To secure an antler, place the base of the antler into the leather loop on either end of the strap. Then twist the loop back over the antler base, making a clove hitch knot.

    5. Shed Hunting Real Shed Antlers


    LCS Shed Antlers


    When first starting shed hunt training, you should begin with the rubber training dummy antler. But as your training progresses, you should also have real antler sheds into your training. If you don’t have antler sheds on hand, the Shed Hunting Genuine Shed Antlers provides you real antler sheds to train with. These genuine shed antlers come in two sizes as well. The small size is great to start with, being smaller and not having as many points, these make a great introduction to real sheds for your training. The large size, multi-point antler shed is perfect for planted retrieves.

    Other Honorable Mentions

    One product that didn’t make the Top 5 list, but is still a solid training tool is the Dog Bone Shed Hunting Antler Scent, which is still a great alternative to using the Rack Wax Scent. Shed Hunting Antler Dummy (Brown and White) are rubber training bumpers included in the training kit, the brown colored antler is a great additional training tool to increase the difficulty of retrieves. Training Your Dog To Hunt For Shed Deer Antlers Guide and Shed Hunting Dokken Shed Dog Trainer DVD are great training guides for beginners. These items can be found on our Shed Hunting Training Aids page.

    Thank you for reading our top 5 shed hunting training products. What is your favorite shed hunting product? Post a comment below.

    By: Michael Cassatt, LCS Director of Marketing

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    January 29, 2024

    Has anyone trained a springer spaniel to hunt sheds

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