Shed Hunting Antler Retriever Training Kit

  • Shed Hunting Antler Retriever Training Kit

    Everything you need to get started training your dog to hunt shedded antlers. Including three important items to train your puppy or old veteran dog how to find and retrieve antler sheds. This kit includes Dog Bone's soft antler dummy, real antler scent, and a training manual.

    Kit Includes:

    Shed Hunting Antler Dummy

    The shed hunting antler dummy by Dog Bone is a great tool for starting your dog out on retrieving antlers. It's both lifelike in its look and also weight, but is made of a durable long-lasting material to prevent jabs and pokes in the beginning stages of training. The dummy also includes a built-in throw rope making tossing the dummy easier and allows for the training to keep their hands free from the training scent or wax. The kit comes with a white training antler dummy, but a brown shed antler dummy can be bought separately for an added difficulty level.

    Shed Hunting Antler Scent

    The shed hunting antler scent by Dog Bone is designed to help train your dog to find shed antlers using your nose. The scent is made from a real pulverized antler. Add this training scent to the training dummies during training to have your dog associate the scent of antler to retrieving the dummy antlers. Training scents will play a long role in the later training stages. Extra shed hunting training scent sold separately.

    Shed Hunting Training Manual

    Also included in the training kit is Dog Bone's guide to shed hunt training. This guide covers a three-step training process using the training supplies included in the kit.

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