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Shed Hunting Antler Shed Rack Wash

  • A scent neutralizer used for removing human scent from sheds for tougher, real-field experience.

    How to use: Add contents to 1 gallon of water. Mix into the water and then add your antlers to remove all human scents.

    Why do you want to remove human scent?

    When training your shed hunting dog, you want to remove as much of human scent from your training antlers as possible to make finding the sheds as realistic as possible. With any human scent on the training antler, the dog could be smelling out the human scent rather than the antler scent. If this happens, you will have a dog that does great in training, but when it comes to finding real antler sheds in the wild, they won't perform well. 

    Brand: Dokken



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