Rack Wax Shed Hunting Training Scent

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  • Rack Wax shed hunting training scent imitates the smell of fresh antlers. Apply to clean, dry sheds or Plastic Training Antler. Use liberally for best results.

    • Enhances scent of shed antlers
    • 100% real whitetail scent used in make
    • Essential piece of any shed dog training program
    • Increases effectiveness of shed dog training
    • Will not wash off in rain and snow


    Tips for use:

    For best training results and the most realistic training, apply the Rack Wax scent to the base of the antlers where the antler would attach to the deer's head. In nature, this is the area that will have the most scent, including traces of hair and blood from when the antler was shedded.


    Brand: Dokken

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