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Winchester .22 Ex-loud Black Powder Blanks

  • Winchester .22 Black Powder Blank Ammo is extra-loud and best-used for longer distances or in windy conditions. Also, the black powder gives a puff of smoke at the report and is ideal for use at sporting events, especially track and field where visual confirmation of the shot is helpful. These blanks are also used in gun dog training to simulate a shotgun firing. Since this is a black powder cartridge, remember to clean your pistol after each use.
    Available in boxes of 50 rounds.

    Compatible Pistols:

    This ammo can be used in most .22 caliber blank pistols, but not for use in our LCS Training Pistol.


    PLEASE NOTE: All blank ammunition must ship by Ground Service (UPS/FED EX) and can only ship within the USA at the shipping rate of $6.95.


    Do the Winchester .22 Ex-Loud black Powder Blanks provide any smoke when fired?
    Yes, the Winchester black powder blanks do provide smoke due to the black powder used in the.

    Do the Winchester .22 Ex-Loud black Powder Blanks work in all blank pistols?
    No, they are not recommended in our LCS Training Pistol.

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