LCS Champ Blank Pistol .22/.32 Caliber Blank Guns

  • LCS Champion Pistols .22 and .32 Caliber


    The LCS Champ Blank Pistol is a reliable workhorse model, crafted from blued steel with solid hardwood grips for frequent use in training, testing and trails. These reliable and sturdy pistols are one of the best made pistols on the market and are manufactured exclusively for us in Italy, the home of master gunsmiths. It’s crafted from blued metal alloy with solid hardwood grips for durability. An excellent blank pistol for testing, training, trials, and starting. Makes an excellent starter pistol for track and field or for field training that puppy or adult dog.

    Approved for AKC Hunt and Tests and Field Trials (.22 caliber). Also approved for American Field (AF), Field Dog Stud Book (FDSB), Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America (AFTCA) and National Bird Hunters Association (NBHA) field trial events (.32 caliber). The .32 can also be used for AKC trials and tests.

    The pistol is easy to load and has a double action so you don’t have to cock the pistol each time you fire. Simple loading procedure. Just pull forward on the ejector rod to release the cylinder. Swing the cylinder open and load the blanks into the rear of the cylinder. Swing the cylinder closed and the pistol is ready to fire. To unload, simply repeat the opening steps above, position the gun so it is facing up, and tap the ejector rod to eject the spent blanks. It’s available in both .22 (8 rounds) caliber and .32 (5 rounds) caliber. Comes with a 1 year warranty.

    Makes a great puppy gift for friends who have just added a bird dog to their households. Also makes a great gift for that track and field official you know.

    • Weight: 1.5 lbs
    • Overall Length: 7.25 in.
    • Height: 4.5 in.
    • Barrel Length: 2.25 in.

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    What ammo will the LCS Champion Pistol use?
    This pistol will accept crimped blanks (SKU:BA1) and CCI loud noise blanks (SKU: BA3) in the .22 caliber form. It will accept the Winchester .32 Black Powder blanks (SKU: BA4) and the Fiocchi .32 blanks (SKU:BA32) in .32 caliber form.

    Is the LCS Champion Pistol a single or double action pistol?
    This pistol is both single and double action, but the single action is much easier to use than the double action.

    Will the cylinder on this pistol lock in place?
    No. The cylinder on both the .22 and the .32 does not lock in place.

    Can I use other blanks in this pistol?
    No. We do not recommend using any other form of blank (ie. nail gun blanks or launcher blanks) other than the ammo listed above in this pistol.

    Also known as: 22 caliber blank gun, 22 cal blank gun, 22 caliber blank pistol, 22 cal blank pistol, 32 caliber blank pistol, 32 cal blank gun, 32 caliber blank gun.

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