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    LCS .22 Caliber Starter Pistol

    • LCS .22 Caliber Starter Pistol


      This Precise 880 full-sized .22 caliber double action blank pistol is a good starter model for the amateur trainer and track and field starter. This model has an 8-shot swing out cylinder and an ejector rod to remove spent shells. Die-cast metal construction with plastic grips. Acceptable for AKC Hunt Tests and Field Trials. The LCS starter pistol fires most .22 blanks, including .22 caliber crimped blanks and CCI extra loud noise blanks. Please note that this blank pistol will not accept Winchester black powder blanks. We recommend our LCS Better Leather Holster (SKU: BLH) to carry this .22 caliber starter pistol on your belt. For the professional trainer or trainer owning multiple dogs looking for a 22 blank pistol, we recommend the LCS Champ Blank Pistol


      What ammo will the LCS Precise 880 blank pistol use?
      This blank pistol will accept Crimped Blanks and CCI Loud Noise Blanks.

      Is it safe to use nail gun blanks?
      We do not recommend nail gun blanks or launcher ammo be used in this starter pistol.

      How do you load the LCS 880 blank pistol?
      Loading is simple. Pull forward on the ejector rod to release the cylinder. Swing the cylinder open and load ammo into the rear of the cylinder. Swing the cylinder closed and the blank gun is ready to fire. To unload, simply swing open the cylinder in the same way. Turn the gun so the barrel is facing up and tap the ejector rod to eject the spent blanks.

      Is the Precise 880 a single or double action?
      This blank pistol can be used in either single or double action. We recommend cocking the hammer and using it in single action mode. The trigger pull is much easier in single action mode.

      Is the cylinder supposed to lock into place?
      No. The cylinder on the LCS 880 starter pistol is not designed to lock into place.

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