Refillable Skin Stapler

  • The Skin Stapler is a mandatory of every hunter’s dog first aid kit. The most common application in gun dogs is closing long and deep wounds in the field from the dog getting snagged on barbed wire. It is also used on injuries to hog hunting dogs. The skin stapler is only to be used on fresh, bleeding wounds. The first step to treating a wound of this nature in the field is to apply pressure with clean gauze to stop fast flowing blood. Once the bleeding has slowed, clip the hair from around the wound without getting hair in the wound. Next, rinse the wound with an iodine solution. Using either gloved hands or foreceps, pinch the skin of the wound together, starting at the end of the wound and working towards the center and place staples every ¼ in. Coat the wound with antibiotic ointment.

    If properly done, staples stay in for two weeks and are removed with our staple remover

    If you are new to treating your own dog, you should take it to the vet once you are back to town. The staples may need to be replaced with sutures to avoid infection from field contamination.

    Refill your Skin Stapler with the Staple Cartridge

    Our Skin Stapler is included in our Premium Sporting Dog First Aid Kit

    Includes 20 sterile staples.
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