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Predator Tactics The Lantern Headlamp Kit - Red & White

  • The Lantern Headlamp Red and White LEDs by Predator Tactics

    The Lantern Headlamp is a powerful multi-purpose headlamp for any outdoorsman, especially when hunting for coons and other predators. The Lantern features dual LED’s built directly into the light with the ability to change the color of your headlamp with a quick press of a switch. Just like many of our other coon hunting lights, this headlamp has all the needed bells and whistles, like the adjustable focus, intensity control, rechargeable and durable construction that make it a very handy tool no matter what the job or task at hand may be.


    • 300+ Yards* of Beam Throw
    • Adjustable Focus
    • Intensity control dial
    • Dual LED Headlight with options of either (RED & WHITE)
    • Matte Black Finish

    Product Specs:

    • Runs on rechargeable 18-650 lithium Ion batteries
    • Functional in 0 degree temps
    • Waterproof
    • Aluminum Alloy
    • 11 ounces

    Kit Includes:

    • The Lantern Headlamp
    • Choice of either Red & White LEDs
    • Rubber Halo Shield
    • Pair of 18-650 Batteries
    • Charger

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