LCS Plastic Quail Crate

  • The LCS Plastic Coop 6 Cages for Quail and Chukar are easy to load and unload with a lift-up door on the top and a sliding door on one end to minimize escapes. This coop crate makes a great transportation crate for quail and chukar. This quail coop can be used for transporting birds in vehicles and on ATV's. They're lightweight but incredibly durable. These coops will last for many bird dog training seasons doing their duty to transport birds from location to location. Comfortably holds 14-18 full grown quail or 8-10 chukars with plenty of headroom and ventilation, yet low enough to inhibit flight or jumping. Constructed with heavyweight plastic, they will not rot mildew or rust and cleanup is easy simply by spraying them off with a hose. The corners are slightly raised to allow stacking of multiple cages on top of each other and they have a solid bottom. Overall dimensions 26 in. long x 17 ¾ in wide x 4 ½ in tall.

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