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JASA Force Collar

  • For 65 years the J.A.S.A. Force Collar has been the professional choice in high quality leather pinch training collars. This is an effective tool for teaching a dog to walk on heel, which is not only important for hunting dogs, but is an important step in obedience for any dog. Corrects the dog to stay on heel without choking, unlike the chain choke collars and less harsh in pinching than an all-metal claw pinch collar. Superior construction with oak tanned saddle leather that’s 1 ¼ inches wide and brass ¼ inch spikes along with brass rivets and hardware. The collar is designed to maximize the spring-back effect, so that the pressure releases from the dog immediately following a momentary correction. This is the exact collar used in whoa training in the Delmar Smith Method book Best Way to Train Your Gundog by Bill Tarrant.

    Choose between blunted spikes for softer dogs and sharpened spikes for harder dogs.

    Also choose between the Large size, which is 24 in. long and fits properly on a 18-22 in. neck, or the Regular size, which is 22 in. long and fits a 16-20 in. neck.

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