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    December 15, 2014 2 min read

    I hunt grouse and woodcock in Central Pennsylvania and beyond. I have done a number of trips to Michigan, Wisconsin, Maine, etc. I hunt with large Munsterlander pointing dogs. I also have a little English Setter by the name of Annie who we added to our lineup this year. Over the years I have used a number of training collars. I've used all of them.

    My favorite is the one I am using now, which is the Dogtra 2502 train and beep collar. I switched to this collar about 4 years ago and have never looked at getting another collar. This collar is not only an e-collar, but it also has a beeper where you can regulate the sound or regulate it as to point, run and point, or silent with the locater option.

    This collar is nice because it is a beeper and correction unit all in one. Most of the trainer-beeper collars have two units on one collar. One unit is for training and the other is for beeping. The Dogtra 2502 is a singular unit that does both and you can regulate everything about the collar from your hand held. It has 100 different stimulation settings, which I think is a little much, but my dogs are usually at 30 on the dial, which gives a mild correction. I've shot a lot of woodcock and a number of grouse using this collar and don't plan on using anything else!

    Update: The Dogtra 2502 Train and Beep system was replaced with the upgraded version, Dogtra 2702 Train and Beep. The Dogtra 2702 T&B is everything that was great with the 2502 T&B and adds vibration training, adjustable beeper sounds levels, and more.

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