Dogtra 2700 T&B - Train and Beep System

  • Dogtra 2700 Train and Beep

    The Dogtra 2700T&B e-collar is designed for upland hunting, giving you more control and locate ability on long ranging bird dogs.

    The 1-mile range receiver/beeper horn alerts ‘Pointing’ or ‘Pointing & Running’ motion and has three stimulation modes: new HPP vibration, and Nick/Constant stimulation.

    The Dogtra 2700T&B comes with unique single-body design that eliminates bulkiness and reduces the risk of catching on obstacles while in the field.

    • 1 Mile Range
    • High Output
    • Nick/Constant/HPP Stimulation
    • 127-Levels with LCD Screen
    • Receiver and Beeper Horn
    • Adjustable Sound Level
    • Fully Waterproof
    • For Dogs as Small as 35 pounds.
    Updated Receiver/Beeper Horn:
    • 3 beeper mode: ‘Pointing’, ‘Pointing & Running’, ‘Locate’.
      • Automatic ‘Pointing’ or ‘Pointing & Running’ beeping motion alert via built-in sensor.
      • ‘Locate’ beeping via transmitter input.
    • New accelerometer sensor, advanced 3-axis sensor for improved accuracy, to determine ‘Pointing’ or ‘Running’ motion.
    • New HPP (High Performance Pager) vibration feature.
    • Nick/Constant stimulation with Advanced Contact Points.
    • Compact, single-body receiver/beeper horn design.

    NEW transmitter
    • New transmitter design
    • Locate, Pager, Nick/Constant stimulation buttons
    • Beeper alert for Pointing Only or Pointing & Running
    • Adjustable sound level
    • 1-Mile range

    Need a two dog system check out the Dogtra 2702TB.