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  • Fortiflex Rubber Dog Bowls Review

    December 15, 2014 2 min read


    Every winter I go through a lot of time and money trying to keep my dogs watered. I do not have electricity at my kennels so the bucket heaters and heated bowls are out of the question. I have used every type of stainless bowl we sell and have found that while they are excellent quality, they eventually crack or split from pounding the ice out of them. After many times of being dented the ice becomes extremely difficult to get out without banging them so hard that the bowls are ruined in short order.

    We recently started to carry the heavy duty rubber bowls made by Fortiflex. The bowls are available in 2qt, 4qt or 8qt and have proven to be incredibly durable. I did a test one frigid morning. It was 8 degrees and I had heard you couldn't break these bowls with a truck-I was doubtful so I knocked the ice block out and ran it over with my crew cab F150!! The bowl popped right back into shape and there were no cracks or creases anywhere. To say I am impressed by the durability is a huge understatement. The Fortiflex bowls are not only nearly indestructible (even 6 teething puppies can't get a hole chewed into one of these bowls), I believe they actually take longer to freeze than any of the stainless steel or ceramic crocks I have used over the years. It hasn't been cold enough to put that to the test but they certainly do not get frozen as the stainless steel bowls do in the time it takes for us to refill the bowls. The days of trying to keep track of the ice breaker mallet are over. Now we get the ice block out of the bowl by simply grasping the bowl in both hands and giving it a twist. The ice pops right out. The #FDB is easily my favorite new product here at LCS.

    Available in the following sizes:

    Fortiflex 2 Quart

    Fortiflex 4 Quart

    Fortiflex 8 Quart

    -Andy P.

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