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  • Top 7 Accessories for Ruff Land Kennels

    June 30, 2022 4 min read 2 Comments

    Top 7 Accessories for Ruff Land Kennels

    Have you recently purchase a Ruff Land Kennel or are currently shopping for one? Make sure to check out our list of recommended accessories for Ruff Land Kennels. These accessories work great with Ruff Land Kennels to provide added comfort, warmth, and/or protection.


    Ruff Land Kennel Tie Down D-Ring Kit

    When traveling with your kennel in the bed of a pickup truck, it is important to properly strap your kennel down. The best way to do this is with the use of the Ruff Land Kennel Tie Down D-Ring Kit. This kit quickly mounts onto the pre-drilled hole on the top corners of the Ruff Land Kennels. Once installed, the D-Ring Tie Down provides the perfect place to attach rope or a ratchet strap to tightly and securely tie down your kennel.


    Mud River Kennel Covers

    Whether you’re trying to keep your dog out of the elements or you are keeping them warm in the colder months, Mud River kennel covers has options to help keep your dog protected in their kennel. Mud River has two kennel covers to choose from: the Mud River Insulated Kennel Cover and the Mud River Non-Insulated Kennel Cover. The non-insulated kennel cover is great for providing noise and element protection, as well as darkens the inside of the kennel which has been show to calm the dog. If you have a dog that suffers from noise aversion or anxiety, check out Prevent Noise Aversion and Anxiety in Dogs from Fireworks. The insulated kennel cover provides all the benefits of the non-insulated cover while also helping retain the dog’s body heat when the outside temperature is low. Additionally, the insulated kennel cover has convenient storage pockets around the outside to store your check cords, bumpers, and other gear.

    To read more about the benefits of using a kennel cover read: Benefits of Insulated Kennel Covers


    Ruff Land Kennels Turtle Plate Fan

    In the winter, you want to help trap the dog’s body heat inside the kennel, but what about during the summer heat? The Ruff Land Kennels Turtle Plate Fan is a great choice for creating airflow inside the kennel, cooling down the inside temperature, making it more comfortable for your dog. The 7 inch fan easily mounts onto the door of your Ruff Land Kennel and plugs into the 12 volt “cigarette lighter” plug in your vehicle. The fan has two settings: Low setting draws 450 cubic feet of air per minute and High setting draws 550 cubic feet of air per minute. It comes equipped with an 8-foot cord.


    Wet Mutt Mats

    If you’re using the intermediate size kennel or larger, the small Wet Mutt Mat makes a perfect kennel pad your for crate. The small Wet Mutt Mat is 28” x 18”, which almost fits perfectly in the floor of the dog kennel. The Wet Mutt Mats are made of waterproof, odor-resistant, lightweight, and shock-absorbing material. The shock-absorbing feature of the mats will help stop your dog from getting elbow pressure sores. The mats come in blue, green, and orange colors. It is also available in a medium 34” x 22” size that only fits in the Ruff Land XL Kennel. While we are touting about these mats for use inside of a kennel, let it be known that they are great for your dog to lie on once they are out of the kennel as well.


    Ruff Land Kennel Door Covers

    When traveling in colder temperatures, keeping your dog warm in their kennel is important. If you don’t have a kennel cover installed over your dog’s kennel, you are losing the dog’s body heat to the outside air. One of the biggest “venting” of air from the kennel is the kennel’s doors. Using a Ruff Land Kennel Door Cover to cover the open door is a great and easy way to help trap in the dog’s body heat in those colder months. This product is great at helping keep strong winds out of the kennel when driving down the road, depending on how the kennel is facing. This product is not recommended for use in the summer months as it can cause the temperatures in the kennel to rise too high.


    Garmin Tempe

    Picture this: Your dog is in its kennel in the bed of the truck and you are in the cabin; how do you tell if your dog is too hot or cold? The Garmin Tempe wireless temperature sensor is your solution. The Garmin Tempe can easily be mounted inside your dog’s kennel and wirelessly connected to your Garmin Alpha or Astro handhelds and provides live temperature readings. This is also recommended for use during traveling as to prevent heat exhaustion in dogs or hypothermia.


    Red Cedar Bedding

    If you’re interested in a product that provides insulating benefits, gives a soft place to lie, and has that comforting den-like feel, then you should consider Red Cedar Bedding shavings. Cedar Bedding is made from all natural Eastern Red Cedar that has been cut into ribbons. Cedar ribbons do not produce dust, will not mold, smells great, and is a natural tick and flea deterrent. We carry two different sized packages of Red Cedar Bedding; the Red Cedar Bedding Large Bale will cover an area 5 feet by 8 feet x 5 inches deep and the Red Cedar Bedding 12x12x14 box will cover an area 3 feet by 4 feet x 5 inches deep.

    For more information on Red Cedar Bedding check out: Why You Should be Using Red Cedar Bedding


    Thank you for reading our recommended Ruff Land Kennel accessories. If you have any questions on any of the products listed in this article or have recommendation of products that did not make the list reach out to us on our live chat, email at service@lcsupply.com, call us at 1-800-662-5202, or leave us a comment below.

    Thank you!

    Michael Cassatt, LCS Director of Marketing

    2 Responses

    Michael - Lion Country Supply
    Michael - Lion Country Supply

    July 02, 2022

    @jamin, The Wet Mutt Mat Small will fit the Ruff Land Kennel Intermediate almost perfectly. The floor of a Intermediate Ruff Land Kennel is 28 1/2″ × 17 1/2", the small Wet Mutt Mat is 28″ × 17″.
    Wet Mutt Small: https://www.lcsupply.com/products/wet-mutt-mats

    Jamin Carr
    Jamin Carr

    July 02, 2022

    What size wet mutt mat for intermediate ruffland kennel

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