Red Cedar Bedding 12x12x14 Box

  • Red Cedar Ribbon Bedding

    Red Cedar Ribbon premium dog house bedding is the best you can get for an outdoor dog house. Unlike cedar chips, these ribbons won’t get into your dog’s nose and mouth, they stay in the dog house and they don’t stir up dust. You still have all of the benefits of cedar: it deters insects, fleas and ticks and your dog will smell great. Cedar bedding is the professional choice and is far more comfortable, safe and sanitary than straw, paper or fabric. All natural, aromatic and absorbent!

    This one-use box will provide warmth and comfort for your dog for 3-6 months in an outdoor doghouse.

    12x12x14 inch box. One box will cover an area of 3' x 4' being spread approximately 5" deep.

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