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  • Top Five Travel Kennel Options 2022

    June 28, 2022 3 min read

    Top Five Travel Kennel Options for 2022

    Are you frequently transporting your dog or preparing to travel for a hunting trip? The best and safest way to transport your dog is in a dog kennel. Here at Lion Country Supply, we currently carry five different brands of dog kennels, each with their own unique traits to fit a customer’s needs. Are you looking for certain colors options or maybe have a certain size requirement? If so, you’re in luck. We are going to highlight the best features of each of the five brands of dog kennels that we carry to help you narrow your search.

    Ruff Land Kennels

    Ruff Land Kennels has been our best-selling kennel and a customer favorite for years. The Ruff Land Kennels come in different color options: Millstone, though they do release limited edition kennels in fun or vibrant colors from time to time. A great feature of these kennels is that they are relatively lightweight when compared to other kennel options. Another feature we really like is the door can be opened from either side or be completely removed with two simple squeezes. The Ruff Land Kennels are also available with several door layout options like single door, double door, front and side entry options.

     Ruff Land Performance Kennels

    Dakota 283

    Dakota 283 was a kennel brand that we were really excited about introducing to our product lineup because they were local to Pennsylvania, only being a few hours from our location. Dakota 283 are a rotomolded kennel like the Ruff Land Kennels, but trade being light weight for being more rigid with thicker walls. The Dakota 283 kennels feature keyed paddle latching door, which is great for keeping your dogs secured. The Dakota 283 G3 Kennel has the most color options on our list, with options including: Blue, Coyote Granite, Dark Granite, Olive, Orange, Pink, Purple, and Sandstone. They also offer a T1 Low Profile Kennel, as well as a Side Entry Kennel and a Jet Stream Airline Kennel.

     Dakota 283 Dog Kennels

    Zinger Kennels

    Zinger Kennels, unlike all the other kennels on our list, are not rotomolded plastic; instead, they are built out of high-quality aluminum. Zinger Kennel provides the most sizing options with 7 size options to choose from. Their smallest is the Zinger DX3000, which is prefect for Beagles and Collies and their largest, the Zinger DX6000, is designed for Great Danes and Mastiffs. Zinger Kennels also includes an entire line of airline approved kennels. Because of they are made of aluminum and feature high quality hardware, they are a little pricier than other kennel options on this list.

     Zinger Dog Kennels

    Lucky Duck Kennels

    Our newest addition to our kennel lineup, the Lucky Duck Kennels, come feature packed with options other kennel companies would require as add-ons. The Lucky Duck Kennel has a locking paddle latch, powder coated tie downs, non-slip rubber feet, heavy duty lift handles, and more. They offer an Intermediate Kennel and a Large Kennel, but right now we are only carrying the Intermediate kennel, as we are stocking these kennels at our warehouse instead of drop-shipping like we do with every other kennel on this list. Unlike other rotomolded kennels, the Lucky Duck Kennels only come in one color option.

     Lucky Duck Kennels

    Easy Loader Kennels

    Got more than one dog? The unique dual kennels from Easy Loader Kennels are a great double kennel option. The Easy Loader Kennels by Custom Molding Services are made of high density polyethylene, making them virtually indestructible. These kennels are a two piece, two dog compartment kennel, at the same price point as a single dog kennel from other manufactures. The Easy Loader Kennel comes in three size options: Easy Loader (original), Easy Loader Deuce, and EZ-LX kennels.

     Easy Loader Dog Kennels


    Choosing a kennel with all the different brands and options can be difficult. We hope that our kennel highlight article helped you narrow down your choices. If you have any questions on any of the kennels or brands listed above, please reach out to us on our live chat, call us at 1-800-662-5202, send us an email at service@lcsupply.com, or leave us a comment below.

    Thank you for reading.

    • Michael Cassatt, LCS Director of Marketing

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