Lion Country Supply Remote Bird Launcher Review

December 29, 2020 4 min read 5 Comments

When training your bird dog, a controlled flush is very important. One of the best ways to provide a controlled flush is by using a remote bird launcher. Lion Country Supply has designed and manufactured two different sized bird launchers to fit those needs. Our launchers can be paired with our 6-button transmitter to allow you to control up to 6 bird launchers with one handheld. Our transmitters also can be paired up with our Remote Backing Dog to provide a complete remote training experience.

What size is right for you?

Lion Country Supply offers two sizes of bird launchers to fit your choice of training bird. Our regular size launcher is designed for chukar, quail, and pigeons. Our large launchers are designed for duck and pheasants. Do not use a launcher that is not sized correctly for the bird that you are using. Using an incorrect sized launcher can cause harm to your training bird.

How to use the launcher for training?

Our LCS Remote Bird Launchers are top loaded launchers. Simply load your bird into the top of the launcher basket, pressing down on the launcher fabric until you’re able to lock the launcher arm. Once you’re ready to launch the bird, press the respective launcher button on your transmitter. For pairing instructions please see our LCS Launcher Owners Instructions.

When used in training, load your launcher with your training bird. If you are using a training scent, apply the training scent to the bird and a little bit surrounding area of the launcher. Start your dog roughly one hundred yards or so from the bird launcher, depending on how much area you have to train in. Work the dog into the area of the launcher and allow them to find the bird and go on point. Once on point, work your way in, flushing the bird as if it was a wild bird. On flush, fire off your blank gun to simulate gun fire. You can then either use another bird or gather the bird up to reuse and relocate the launcher to a new location.

Training Tip from LCS Staff

Over the many years of using remote launchers, we have learned the do’s and don’ts. The biggest thing that we would like anyone that is new to using launchers to know: Never use a launcher when your dog is up close to the launcher. Nothing can mess up training more than having a launcher blow off in the face our your dog, making them flush shy. If your dog goes on point too close to the launcher, simply pick them up and set them up a few feet back from the launcher, then “flush” the bird.

We also recommend always using a blank gun to simulate the shot after launcher the bird. This will get the dog used to hearing gunfire after the flush of the bird, and can also help training steady to wing and shot. This blank gun could be using a blank pistol, blank rounds in a shotgun, or using our brass shotgun primer inserts.

Our third tip is to use training scent when using a launcher. This is especially important when training for a bird that you do not have availability to use in training. Birds also move around, making them easier to scent. But with using a launcher, all that scent is in just in the launcher and not spread around the ground, making them harder to scent. There are several training scents to choose from. The Lion Country Supply liquid training scent is a great choice, coming in a 4-ounce squirt bottle. The Dokken training scents come in an easy-to-store, convenient “chap stick” design. ConQuest training scents are another popular choice and come in a “de-odorant style” wax stick formula.

A final tip: If you are planning on reusing training birds that aren’t homing, we recommend either a bird tether or using a bird harness to keep the birds from flying away. By using a bird tether, you still give that flushing, wing flapping effect for the bird, but can easily real them back in after a short flight. Just be careful not to give them too much tether that they can get it wrapped around a high tree branch.

Reviewed by: Randy Carlson, 2011 – Former LCS Manager

“I have been using the Universal Bird Launcher for steady to flush training with my lab. I have found the unit to be reliable and easy to use. It accepts quail, chukars and pigeons, but is too small for pheasants and ducks. It launches a pigeon about 12 feet into the air before they start flapping. The range on the electronics is very good, up 400 yards depending on terrain.

The unit is light and easy to carry into the field, simple to operate, and most importantly to me provide reliable launches when training. The transmitter is small and compact, and also can be programmed to launch multiple units from the same transmitter. I would purchase this launcher again.”

Reviewed by: Brian Parsons, 2010 – Former LCS Manager

“This system will easily hold quail, pigeons, and chukars and the strong spring design launches them high. A really nice feature of the Universal Bird Launcher is the new adjustable spring tension design. It is great when you are working with young dogs that are being introduced to launchers for the first time. The spring tension can be minimized for an incredibly quiet launch and keeping the bird lower so a young dog has a chance to see it. Conversely, the spring can quickly be adjusted to a stronger setting that is great for experienced dogs or when the trap is in heavier cover and you need to have it clear.

I used the system with the LCS electronics (six-button transmitter and receiver) that are very reliable. It is important to remember that both electronic components are water resistant and not waterproof. Don't leave your system out in the weather or use it in heavy, drenching rains.”


When used correctly, the Lion Country Supply Remote Bird Launcher can be a powerful training tool. When paired with multiple launchers or a backing dog, a dog trainer is able to have several controlled training scenarios in one session.

5 Responses

Mike Bandos
Mike Bandos

March 17, 2021

I noticed from some of the comments that it is possible to retrofit a manual launcher to remote with transmitter. Would you know if your unit would be compatible with an EZ Bird launcher?

Lion Country Supply
Lion Country Supply

January 25, 2021

You would need the following items to convert your manual launchers into remote launchers.

Bird Launcher Receivers

6-Button Transmitter

Brent Roberts
Brent Roberts

January 25, 2021

Can I buy three receivers with push button remote. Please send me a quote on cost. Thank You Brent Roberts

Lion Country Supply
Lion Country Supply

January 04, 2021

Robert, Yes, you can convert LCS Manual Bird Launchers to be remote launchers. Our Launcher Receivers will mount onto the launcher cage and will be able to pair up with our 6-button transmitter.

Brent Roberts
Brent Roberts

January 04, 2021

i have three of your

I HAVE THREE MANUAL LCS RELEASERS . can I hook them up with receivers? for remote training? l

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