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    December 28, 2020 4 min read

    The LCS Remote Backing Dog trains a pointing dog to back, honor, or stop when they see another dog pointing. Our remote backing dog has been used by many professional dog trainers and is a favorite amongst trainers that do not have access to another dog to use for backing.

    Before we delve into the details on how to use the Backing Dog, let’s go over what it means for a dog to “back” or “honor the point”. Much like pointing a bird, a well-trained dog is also expected to point another dog that is on point, or in some cases point the dog that is also backing another dog. We have seen pro trainers show off their dogs abilities and had the dogs create a dog backing chain of more than 10 dogs, all honoring the point of dog in front of them.

    Why is it valuable to train your dog to back?

    In a field trail, if your dog does not honor the point and back a dog that is already on point, and runs in and takes point on that same bird, this is called “stealing a point” and is penalized or even disqualified.  While hunting, a dog backing helps announce another dog that is on point. One way to think of it is “Hey, look they smell a bird” announcement to the handler. This way the handler can then see the backing dog, trace their back to the dog that is on point with the bird, and then go in for the flush.

    Staff Tip: It is important that before you begin training your dog to back, work on the “whoa” command and make sure that your dog is able to hold steady. Like when on point, a dog that is backing should not move until they are giving a command to release.

    How to use the backing dog in training:

    The Backing Dog is best used when you are training a dog on its own. The best way to train your dog to back is with another dog. For those trainers without access to another dog, the remote backing dog is the next best thing.

    1. Plant a bird or use a remote bird launcher a few yards in front of the backing dog. You can start with the backing dog up or in the down position. If you start it in the down position, activate the backing dog up when your dog is within visible range of the backing dog.
    2. Continue working your dog in the direction of the backing dog. As soon as they come into view of the backing dog, have them whoa up and go on point of the backing dog.
    3. Your dog should hold point. If not, reset the dog back on point and whoa them till they hold.
    4. Move up to the backing dog, and then to the planted bird or bird launcher. Flush the bird and use a blank training pistol to simulate the shot.
    5. Remotely lower the backing dog, and call your dog off point.
    6. Place the bird and the remote backing dog in another location and repeat.

    Staff Tip: Before heading to the field to use the Remote Backing Dog for the first time with a dog, we recommend introducing your dog to the backing dog in your house or backyard. Some dogs react to the backing dog, often scared of it or begin barking at it. It’s best to get this reaction done in a controlled environment rather than in the field.


    Training tools to use with the backing dog:

    Depending on your dog’s level of training, there are a few tools that we recommend when using the backing dog. Our first recommendation is to have a way to do a controlled bird flush; this can be done with products like the tip-up bird releaser or the kick cage. You can also use a remote launcher option, such as our LCS Remote Bird Launcher or one of the many other options on the market. If your dog is still working on the “whoa” command and is not holding steady yet, we recommend a check cord. Using a check cord is a great way of maintaining control over your dog. Check cords can be as short as 6 feet and as long as 50 feet. Using a longer check cord gives the dog more freedom, but still allows the trainer to gain control if needed. As with anytime you’re flushing, it is important to simulate the shot using a blank pistol or blank round in a shotgun. We recommend our LCS Champion Blank pistol, available in 22, 32, and 209, or our Brass Shotguns Primer Inserts for simulated shotgun shot.


    To teach your dog to effectively back another dog when training alone, the LCS Backing Dog is the best tool available. When paired with a LCS Remote Launcher, the Backing Dog can be used to set up a back and the launcher can be used to then simulate the flush all from the same transmitter. Thank you for reading our blog on the LCS Remote Backing Dog. If you have any questions, please comment to the blog, email service@lcsupply.com, reach out to us on social media, or give us a call at 1-800-662-5202.

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