Dog Training Bird Tether for Launcher

  • With the cost of dog training game birds going up every year, doesn't it make sense to re-use the ones that you have? Tether your pheasants, chukar, quail, or pigeons to your bird launcher with this 25 ft. long nylon cord. Firmly tie the loose end of the cord to your launcher basket and tether the bird's foot with the quick lock loop. When the bird is launched, it can fly the distance of the cord and land unharmed to practicing steadiness over and over again. A great tool for older, advanced dogs that just need to put the polish on steadiness and get rid of slight creeping on the flush. Once the bird has been launched and has landed, simply leash or check cord your dog to the next launcher. A very economical answer to dog training with live birds, this tether is less expensive than one pheasant!

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