How to measure your dog's collar

September 18, 2013 2 min read

It seems like every day, and sometimes several times a day we are asked how to measure a dog collar for proper fit. The inquiry usually goes something like, -I'm trying to buy a new collar for my dog. His old collar is XX inches long. What size do I need to buy to make sure the new collar fits’? My usual answer goes something like you need to measure your dog's current collar from the buckle to the exact hole being used or measure the dog's neck.

There are five holes punched in Lion Country Supply dog collars and we always measure the collars from the end of the buckle to the middle hole on the collar to allow 1 inch of adjustment for tightening or loosening. So you'll have some wiggle room when you order your collar, and some room for growth, but please don't estimate; do take an accurate measurement. There are two ways to get the correct measurement for your dog's collar.

If your dog is not wearing a collar or you do not have its collar, you could wrap a string around the part of the dog's neck where the collar normally makes contact. Make sure the string is snug but not too tight, and mark it with your finger. Now measure from the end of the string to where you marked the string. This measurement is your dog's collar size at the third (middle) hole.

An even easier method to find your dog's collar size is to measure the collar your dog is currently wearing at the exact hole being used. This is the length of your new collar (measured from the end of the buckle to the third hole).

Watch the late Andy Purnell demonstrate sizing his beagle Ranger for a new collar.

When you order a collar select the size that comes closest to your dog's neck size. Most of the collars we sell come in 13, 15, 17, 19, or 21-inch neck sizes. The actual collar will be a little longer to allow you to fasten it, and there will be two additional holes to allow adjustment shorter or longer as needed.

So remember when selecting your new collar to always measure the current collar from the buckle to the exact hole being used, or use the string method, but do not estimate.

Lion Country Supply has an entire line of dog collars ranging from leather, DayGlo, nylon collars and a complete line of e-collars. Most collars can be personalized with brass nameplates or embroidered.


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