LCS Grand National Championship 1" O-Ring Collar

  • For a classy look, check out Lion Country Supply's Grand National Championship Collars. They are made exclusively for LCS and have a unique combination of brass fixtures and quality oil tanned leather that sets them apart of other collars and at a Great Price! They are manufactured right here in the good ol' USA using full 1'' wide oil tanned, heavy duty harness leather made from home grown U.S. steer and outfitted with solid brass hardware and snaps that will last and last. The Extended D-Ring style collar is a stronger choice if you are going to stake the dog out for extended periods or while training. I recommend the leather D-ring style for check cording and all training work as the collar slides around the dog's neck easier than an O-ring no matter his angle of the check cord from the trainer. Teaching lead or quartering drills - this is important. O-rings are the standard for most hunting because they have a better chance of flipping over to release a dog whose collar gets hung up on a fence. This isn't guaranteed and the stiffer the collar the less chance it will flip. Try it yourself with the collar of the dog - just twist it and see for yourself - most don't flip much! I've never had this situation come up in the field in 45 years of running dogs, anyway.

    I think either style will work for hunting so the training side usually takes the lead if I were recommending one style for both. The name plate is essential on all of my collars and are useful for ensuring your dog has important contact information in case something were to happen whether training or hunting. My cell # is my top # on my tag while my home # is second. Whether you want rich looking leather or bright colors with lots of color choices like our dayglo or reflective dayglo for night hunting or safety, I use LCS dayglo reflective for all of my hunting dogs!!! The reflective collars light up when a car light approaches which keeps me and my dogs safe - YES I do get lost or turned around in these mountains from time to time! These collars are great if a dog gets lost in the dark or if you're leading him down a road back to your truck after dark. I put the comfortable and classy looking brass and leather for the rest of the year. We got a ton of quality collars at fantastic prices. Big boxes are charging 3 times for similar styles.

    Due to size restrictions, we cannot install our brass name tag on the 13" collars.

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