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  • Got Skunked – De-Skunking Review

    February 12, 2022 3 min read 1 Comment

    Got Skunked Blog Image

    Skunks are coming out of hibernation and it’s also breeding season, so they are out and about everywhere. If your dog gets skunked, are you ready? Before you go grabbing the tomato juice like your grandmother always told you to, check out this list of de-skunking products.

    Skunk-Off 8-Ounce Shampoo

    Skunk-Off Shampoo by Thornell is veterinarian recommended for removing all traces of skunk spray. This powerful shampoo is strong enough to eradicate all traces of skunk spray, but still gentle on sensitive skin. Skunk-Off is also specially formulated to be enzyme-free. This shampoo is a customer and staff favorite.

    Skunk-Off Shampoo


    Skunk-Off 8-Ounce Soaker Bottle

    Skunk-Off Soaker formula is intended to be used as a spot treatment by spraying the special formula directly on the area that was hit by the skunk spray. Unlike Thornell’s Skunk-Off Dog Shampoo, their Soaker Bottle formula is also designed to be used to remove skunk spray from things like carpets, upholstery, clothing, and bedding. You can even use the Soaker Bottle formula in the laundry at 2-4 ounces per load.

    Skunk-Off 8 Ounce Soaker Bottle


    OdorKlenz Skunk Odor Eliminator

    The OdorKlenz Skunk Odor Eliminator is formulated to remove skunk smells without any harmful chemicals or smell-masking agents, like perfumes and fragrances. Skunk Odor Eliminator eliminates the smell right at the source. Simply pour the Skunk Odor Eliminator directly onto your pet’s coat and thoroughly massage it into the pet coat from head to tail. After the formula is massaged thoroughly into your pet’s coat, rinse it out completely.

    OdorKlenz Odor Eliminator


    OdorKlenz Pet Deodorizing Mitt

    Did your dog get sprayed out in the field where you don’t have access to running water or time to shampoo them? You don’t want to let them into your vehicle and kennel just to stink those up, too. OdorKlenz has the perfect product for this situation, the OdorKlenz Pet Deodorizing Mitt. The Deodorizing Mitt is designed as a no-wash deodorizing solution, using a patented powder that works fast to absorb and neutralize the odor. As with all OdorKlenz products, the ingredient list is free of harsh chemicals and masking agents. Not only does the Pet Deodorizing Mitt work on skunk spray, but also it also works on other smelly and stinky situations like pond funk, animal feces, and that ever-nasty rolling in dead animals. On top of that, the mitts can be used on furniture and fabrics to provide a quick refreshing.

    OdorKlenz Deodorizing Mitt


    OdorKlenz Pet Shampoo

    The OdorKlenz Pet Shampoo is an all-purpose dog shampoo that can be used to remove skunk spray, as well as all those other nasty dog smells, including the infamous “wet dog” smell. Using a natural blend of minerals, the OdorKlenz Pet Shampoo is effective and safe for the dog and the environment. Unlike most dog shampoos, OdorKlenz’s shampoo does not include perfumes or fragrances, so no having to worry about your dog smelling like a wet dog, with a hint of skunk, while also smelling like they rolled in the flower bed. Gross.

    OdorKlenz Pet Shampoo


    Kennel Odor Eliminator

    If you missed that your dog got skunked and they’ve since rested on their dog bed, rubbed around the kennel, and now the whole kennel reeks of skunk, Kennel Odor Eliminator has you covered. It works by chemically bonding with the odor molecules to eliminate even old and deeply impregnated odors. Kennel Odor Eliminator uses a non-irritating, non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradable, and water-soluble solution. Mixed with water, the solution can be used on cages, tables, floors, walls, runs, and even gravel and grassy areas used by the dog.

    Kennel Odor Eliminator



    Your dog getting skunked is never a fun experience, but having the right products on hand can make the process a much less stressful and smelly situation. If you have any questions on any products discussed in this article, please contact us at 1-800-662-5202, our live chat, or leave a comment below.

    What is your favorite way of removing skunk spray from your dogs? Let us know in the comments.

    Thank you for reading!

    • Michael Cassatt, LCS Director of Marketing

    1 Response

    Phillip Goode
    Phillip Goode

    February 16, 2022

    I have very good success on skunk odor on my dogs using a paste made from baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and some liquid Dawn dish soap. I’ll be interested in trying the solutions for other items.

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