OdorKlenz Pet Shampoo

  • OdorKlenz Pet Shampoo

    OdorKlenz Natural Pet Shampoo commits to both safety and efficiency! Made with simple, powerful ingredients, our pet shampoo is designed with the best odor neutralizing technology to eliminate unfavorable smells like dog body odor, wet dog, and even skunks!

    Most pet shampoos rely heavily on harmful perfumes and fragrances which merely mask the offensive smells you are trying to erase. This results in the infamous “wet dog smell” and forces you to feel the need to bathe your pet more frequently. OdorKlenz is committed to targeting bad smells at their source while maintaining our priority of safety. You won’t find perfumes or dyes in our simple list of effective ingredients. At OdorKlenz we know that minerals derived straight from Mother Nature will do the job better than those harsh chemicals anyway!


    • Weekly or Monthly pet baths
    • Spot or partial pet washes
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