OdorKlenz Pet Deodorizing Mitt

  • OdorKlenz Pet Deodorizing Mitt

    The OdorKlenz Pet Deodorizing Mitt is perfect for when your pet gets into extra stinky situations while you are away from home. Whether it’s skunk spray, garbage digging, or a dip in a pond, your hunting companion can sometimes bring some pretty foul odors to your otherwise peaceful retreat. Being out in the wild is great, but it also means you do not have access to your OdorKlenz Pet Shampoo or Skunk Odor Removal, so we came up with the perfect solution for situations like this.

    The OdorKlenz Pet Deodorizing Mitt was designed with our outdoor-loving customers (and their furry friends) in mind. The soft mitt contains our patented powder which works fast to absorb and neutralize the odor so you can get back to breathing fresh air. As with all of our odor elimination products, we use minimal, naturally derived ingredients in our deodorizing mitt. We do not rely on masking agents, so you know that smell won’t come back on the ride home, and we are careful not to use harsh chemicals either. Not only does this mean your pet is safe from harm, but it also means your gorgeous surroundings remain free and clear, just as you found them!

    The Deodorizing Mitt is also great in a pinch when your pet needs a little freshening up before company comes over or during busy weeks when you don’t have time to give him a full scrub. Consider this versatile mitt a bath in a bag! It can also be used on furniture or fabrics when you need to eliminate a foul smell quickly and discreetly.

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