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    December 11, 2015 5 min read

    Two new puppies joined the Lion Country Supply team this week so we thought it might be appropriate to offer some Christmas gift recommendations for the new bird dog owner and hunter.

    Bird dog training requires some equipment investment, and although much of this equipment is considered essential by today's gun dog training standards, it's not necessary to purchase the most expensive equipment. For example, it's nice to have a bird launcher, and what's great about selecting your bird launcher is the many choices we have today, ranging from manual to electronic remote launchers, costs ranging anywhere from $79 to over $400. And the same rule applies to e-collars. Most dog trainers will eventually decide to purchase a training e-collar, and there are plenty of e-collar options ranging from low cost training e-collars for under $300, to more expensive, advanced tracking and training e-collars in the $600 - $800 range.

    Bird Launchers

    Lion Country Supply stocks the entire range of bird launchers ready for shipment. Below is a good bird launcher option for the new bird dog owner in your life.

    LCS Universal Bird Launcher ManualThe Lion Country Supply Universal Launcher II operates manually, without the additional cost of the electronics. It operates manually by hand from a 30? pull cord, and it's made from sturdy steel construction and reinforced stress points, and it can be matched with remote electronic launching systems Tri-tronics, Dogtra and DT Systems, that is if the dog trainer should decide to upgrade to a complete remote system. This manual launcher is the perfect size for chukars, quail and pigeons, and it throws small bumpers too. Starting at $79.95, this is a great launcher for new bird dog trainers on a budget, or for someone who just doesn't want to tie up a lot of money into training just one dog. Lion Country Supply also carries a full range of electronic remote launchers from Dogtra, DT Systems, SportDOG Brand, and our own LCS Remote Bird Launchers.


    Lion Country Supply stocks the entire range of top brand e-collars ready for shipment. Here are two good e-collar options.

    LCS Bird Dog Trainer 800

    Lion Country Supply has developed its own e-collar called the LCS Bird Dog Trainer 800. Whether you are training bird dogs, retrievers, beagles, or family pets, this e-collar is dependable, waterproof, and rechargeable. It will confidently enable you to control your dog in hunting, training or any off-leash situation, and it has range of mile. But the cost of this collar is what's so attractive because this e-collar packs a lot of quality at an entry level price of $139.99.

    Now let's take a look at one of the top tracker trainer e-collars available. The advanced features of the SportDOG Brand TEK 2.0 give the hunter precise location of dogs up to 10 miles away ,this collar really enables hunters to venture anywhere with confidence. This collar has combined GPS tracking with a training collar, giving users the ability to track and train with one collar. This collar is loaded with too many features to mention but you can watch the SportDOG Brand TEK 2.0 video at Lion Country Supply. The SportDOG Brand TEK 2.0 package starts at $799.95 and is intended for the bird dog trainer or hunter that wants to get serious.

    Gun Dog First Aid Kit

    Any experienced bird hunter can testify that dog injuries happen in the field. From scratches and punctures, to fractures and even gunshot wounds; gun dog owners owe it to their dogs to be prepared. First aid kits can be purchased pre-assembled or you can assemble your own kit. But I prefer a pre-assembled kit like the one offered at Lion Country Supply. It's an inexpensive pre-assembled gun dog first aid kit that is conveniently compact to fit in your hunting vest and carried into the field, and it costs only $29.95. Lion Country also has a premium sized first aid kitand a Ready Dog Professional Trauma Kit. These kits are a bit large to carry into the field but perfect for carrying in your vehicle or ATV. No matter which first aid kit you select, there are a few additional items you'll want to add to it.

    Gun dog first aid add-ons you should purchase with your kit:

    • EMT Gel because it quickly reduces bleeding and forms a protective barrier over open wounds to promote rapid healing. Cost only $15.95.
    • The Field Guide Dog First Aid by Randy Acker because it shows the avid hunter how to deal with real-life emergencies such as snake bites, heat stroke, poisoning, fractures, drowning and other injuries.

    Clothing & Accessory

    You might think that any durable clothing could be worn while hunting, and this is true, but wearing the right clothing for the activity makes hunting more enjoyable and the dog training a little easier.

    Filson Single Tin Chaps

    Chaps are not the first thing most people think of when making a clothing purchase, but when bird hunting you need to go to the bird, and this often means walking through briar, bramble thickets and other wet vegetation. Not only can this rugged vegetation ruin even the most rugged clothing but it can penetrate clothing and snag, puncture and tear at the skin. My clothing recommendation for your new bird hunter is chaps because they protect from puncture and scratches from brambles and briars, and they resist moisture and water. Lion Country Supply has several types of chaps but I recommend the Filson Single Tin Chaps because of their durability and comfortable design. They are a gift that will last most users through their entire life, yet they start at only $80.

    LCS Better Game Bird Pouch

    My final Christmas gift recommendation for the new bird hunter in your life is the LCS Better Game Bird Pouch starting at $19.95. A pouch is necessary to carry game in the field and carrying live birds during dog training. This pouch is made from quality construction with highly-visible blaze orange Cordura nylon securely stitched to a durable mesh for ventilation and comfort of the live birds. The pouch has a Velcro top that allows the user to slip his hand in and out of the bag without birds escaping, and it keeps the birds secure when the bag is tucked away. The user can wear this around his waist or over his shoulder, and a brass name plate can be added for a nice touch of personalization.

    So there you have my Christmas gift recommendations for the new bird dog owner hunter in your life. Be sure to read our stocking stuffer recommendations for upland bird hunters.

    What did you get your bird dog hunter for Christmas? Tell us in the comments below.

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