Ready Dog Gun Dog First Aid Kit

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  • Ready Dog Gun Dog First Aid Kit

    Durable First Aid Bag with Removable Field Pouch

    Every Ready Dog first aid bag is designed as a system. Each bag has two see-through pouches for easy organization and identification of contents. Additionally, our bag has a removable Field Pouch for easy transportation of first aid items directly to the field in a hunting vest or pack.

    High Level of Treatment Tools

    Each kit has an assortment of gauze products capable of addressing minor cuts to serious trauma. Additionally, each Gun Dog Kit contains aspirin, antihistamine, and honey.

    Sterile Skin Stapler

    A sterile, disposable skin stapler preloaded with 35 stainless steel staples ready for field use. This is a great tool for barbed wire cuts and skin tears that are common with hard going bird dogs.

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