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    December 10, 2015 3 min read

    If you are Christmas shopping for the new upland bird hunter in your life you'd probably like to get him that one special Christmas gift like a tracking and training e-collar or remote bird launcher. Either of these items would be great gifts that are sure to please and excite an upland bird hunter on Christmas morning, but there are other items that are essential for the bird dog hunter, they are less expensive and could make excellent stocking stuffers. Below I've listed some excellent bird dog training stocking stuffers that any new upland bird hunter would appreciate. I know that I certainly would.

    Gun Dog Training Books and DVDs

    You may not know of renowned dog trainers Delmar Smith, Tom Dokken, George Hickox, or Rick and Ronnie Smith, but it's likely that your new upland bird hunter would love to have a few of the bird dog training books and bird dog DVDs by these experts. We have books and DVDs for the pointer, retriever, flusher, hound and beagle training, so be sure to choose the right topic. We also have some great classic bird dog reading like " Hunter's Book of Days? by Charles Fergus, "wo Shots and Gone Remembrances of Upland Wandering? by CW Mcgill, and Thursday's Bird? by Joel Spring.

    Dog Grooming Stocking Stuffers

    It's important to keep your hunting dog in good health throughout its entire life, and dog grooming is one of the easiest things you can do to help maintain your dog's health and happiness. Items you should consider for stocking stuffers are the de-matting rake, undercoat rake, nail trimmers, shampoos and conditioners. And few things are more important than protecting your dog from fleas and ticks, so flea and tick combs, tick tweezers, and Bio Spot Defense Flea and Tick Spray make great stocking stuffers.

    Dog Training Stocking Stuffers

    Scent training is an important part of a bird dog's training regimen. Dog training scents are used on bird launchers, pigeon harnesses and training wings, and they come in liquid and convenient stick applications. Scents are available in duck, grouse, pheasant, quail, rabbit, raccoon, and deer breaking scents. Lion Country Supply has ConQuest Training Scents, Dokken Dog Training Scents, and our own LCS Training Scents. Which is the best choice? Lion Country Supply only stocks quality gun dog items, so your choice comes down to the application you find most convenient, stick or liquid.

    Dog whistles are important for upland bird hunting dogs because the human voice often frightens game away and it does not carry as far as a whistle. Lion Country Supply has over 20 types of dog whistles ranging from Acme, Roy Gonia, and Fox whistles. Acme English Whistles are popular for close working pointers, flushers and retrievers. Lion Country also has whistle lanyards and accessories, and a Deluxe Whistle Lanyard Set.

    Freeze dried wings are another good stocking stuffer idea. Wings are used in training hunting dog pups to become accustomed to the feel and smell of feathers in their mouth and then retrieving a bird to hand. Lion Country Supply has freeze-dried chukar wings, pheasant wingsquail wings, and also a winged retriever dummy.

    Now you have a big list of gun dog stocking stuffers to choose from and you shouldn't have any problem finding the right gifts. Lion Country Supply strives to give the best prices on the most popular gun dog items, and we offer superior customer service before and after the sale, so if you have questions, or if you need assistance with your new items, just call us.

    If there is any great stocking stuffers that we missed or you want to suggest, we would love to read about them in the comments below!

    Merry Christmas!

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