Retriev-R-Trainer 10 inch Dummy with Streamer

  • Retriev-R-Trainer 10" Canvas Launcher Dummies

    The Retrier–R-Trainer 10” Canvas Dummies will incredibly benefit your land or water training. The aluminum insert is machined from solid aluminum to ensure great strength and durability. The new insert eliminates the concern of rust and drastically reduces the recoil on launch. The RRT 10” Canvas Dummies are manufactured with a coated fabric that is water and moisture resistant over foam. The size and construction of the dummy give the perfect impression of a bird. The RRT canvas dummies retain sent well either by applying the scent manually, or storing them in an air tight bag with harvested feathers and wings. RRT canvas dummies maintain the status of the best & most durable dummies in the industry. The hand crafted quality of our canvas dummies will exceed your expectations and the 10” canvas are the preferred dummy to use with the Versa-Launch Remote Launcher.
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