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  • Arlo's First Shed Hunting Experience

    February 13, 2014 2 min read

    Arlo's first shed!

    Arlo's first shed!

    Guillermo Tucci wants to find out what this shed hunting (with dogs) thing is all about. My lab Arlo can track a pheasant across a cow pasture full of cows, then through a crowded mall and out the other side all while the pheasant is flying, running and jumping. How hard can it be for him to find an antler that just lays there!"

    So I gets me an antler and I show it to Arlo and say "Arlo shed!" and throw the thing across the yard (it's a start!) Within 30 minutes I worked him up to blind plantings of the shed and he's doing it! Ok, I got me a shed dog now! Maybe not a champeeenyet but let's go to the woods.

    Now we start out along a very well-used deer trail because I really don't know how to do this. I tell him "Arlo shed!" and he lets out a big bark and starts at it. Hmmm. Ok well maybe 15 minutes into it, (and this part is true!) I spy an antler shed up ahead laying near the trail. "Holy crap! There's one!" I just waited back and saw Arlo hit the scent, hunt it down and bring it back!No kidding, first 15 minutes! I tell him "Good boy! Goooood Boy!" and give him the "Arlo shed?. He barks and takes off.

    Now a little while later he's getting "ot?! Oh boy,must be the other side! Just then, out comes a big turkey. Ok, well?yup he's still a bird dog too!

    Total for the first day of shed hunting - 1 shed, 1 turkey and 2 grouse flushes dogs are fun!

    -Guillermo Tucci

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