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    February 18, 2014 2 min read


    I am just a couple weeks to the end of the countdown for my annual trip to the Northwoor's of Maine! This trip is much looked forward to starting the first day home the year before. We have a lot to prepare for since we are traveling with a lot of dogs. As you can imagine I am always well prepared to keep a number of hounds very comfortable for the demanding week of running snowshoe hare. We rely heavily on Annamaet's Glycocharge to keep the hounds ready to run
    every day. The Mushers Secretkeeps the dogs feet in good shape for the most part and if there is trouble I always have Pad Heal to fix them up fast. Chain Gangsare very handy to let the dogs out of the trailer for feeding and fresh air, we have developed an attachment system that doesn't require stakes to be pounded. If you'd like to know about that, you will need to call.


    We need the hounds to be in the best shape they can possibly be so we have been running them a lot. We have been running some of the most brutal conditions I've ever seen and the pack is looking good. When we are running hare, they will often leave the county, so we will be counting heavily on the Garmin Alpha 100. It is nice to know where the dogs are and have confidence that I can be in control. As you can see in this picture, the beagles have no trouble with the size of the TT10 collar. Stay tuned for a full report when we get back!

    -Andy Purnell, LCS Customer Service

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