Shed Hunting Rack Carrying Rope

  • Shed Hunting Rack Rope

    When having a successful day of shed hunting, carrying the antlers becomes a handful. The Shed Hunting Rack Rope makes it easier to carry several antlers. The simple, yet affective, design of the rack rope allows you to tie the antler to a carry rope, which has a convenient ball at the end of the rope to fit between your fingers. This makes it less awkward to carry the antlers.

    How to use:

    The Shed Hunting Rack Rope has a zip tie at the one end of rope. Simply place the base of the antler in the zip tie opening and tighten the zip tie to secure the antler to the rope. Then place the ball at the other end of the rope between your fingers.

    The Rack Rope can also be used to turn any antler into a training antler, acting as a throw and carry rope.

    When using the Rack Rope, you should be able to easily carry three (using just your fingers) to four (using fingers and thumb) antlers in one hand.

    8” overall length.

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