12 Gifts for Gun Dogs

December 17, 2013 4 min read

If you or a loved one is getting started in our incredibly addictive sport of hunting, hunt testing and field trialing, Christmas is a great reason to add to the gear collection! These are practical gifts that won't break the bank and will be used season after season.


Reflective Dog Collar with Brass Name Plate

Reflective DayGlo Collar

Reflective DayGlo Collar

Even if your dog is microchipped or tattooed, he needs to have your contact information on his collar for any potential rescuer should he become lost. The day-glo color and reflective stripmake him visible both in the field or on a road. Treat yourself to some peace of mind.


Jaeger Lead

LCS Jaeger Lead

LCS Jaeger Lead


A high quality jaeger lead is a must-have if you are traveling with a dog. The lead can be snapped to wear bandolier-style over the shoulder for hands-free dog handling. When unsnapped, it extends to a full 8 ft. lead so that your dog has enough room to do his business while still under your control. The rich leather looks very stylish too.


Dokken Dead Fowl Trainers




Canadian Goose






We love the realism in these training dummies and the variety of styles they come in. You can put training scent on them for use in the field, and they float when working in the water. We start our pups on the smallest, the dove, and as full-grown dogs they still love to play with the pheasant, mallard duck and Canadian goose.



Pealess British Buffalo Horn Whistle

Pealess British Buffalo Horn Whistle

LCS has a huge selection of whistles to choose from, but one of our favorites is the British Buffalo Horn. It is pealess, so it doesn't freeze up in the winter time. The unique tone also helps your dog to recognize your call when you are testing or hunting in a brace with another handler using a plastic pea whistle.




Leather Lanyard ? Blaze

Perfect for holding whistles or small handheld controls, leather lanyards look distinguished and don't fray like nylon lanyards. The blaze orange color makes it easy to see in the event of dropping it on the ground or in your truck.


Filson Tin Cloth Game Bag


Filson Tin Cloth Game Bag

The Filson Tin Cloth Game Bag is the most comfortable and versatile vest to hunt in, as you can pick your wardrobe to go underneath based on the weather, from t-shirt to parka this vest can handle full-season wear year after year. The tin cloth wicks water and is dirt and rip resistant. The hefty game bag is big enough to tote a day's limit out of the field.


Silent Command System DVDs


Rick Smith Training DVD Vol.2


Rick Smith Training DVD Vol.1

As a breeder, I get questions from puppy owners about training their dog to be steady to wing and shot on their own. I always point them to the Smiths. Rick and Ronnie take you step by step through starting a dog using the command lead/wonder string, then transitioning the dog into use of low e-collar stimulation to ?whoa?.


Command Lead/Wonder String

Command Lead/Wonder String

Command Lead/Wonder String

The Command Lead/Wonder String is a modified lasso, constructed to use on dogs for quick correction with pressure and release. It is mandatory equipment to start a dog using the Smith's training techniques.


Blank Pistol

LCS Blank Championship Pistol

LCS Blank Championship Pistol

Correct introduction to the sound of the gun is one of the most important parts of proper gun dog training. The blank pistolallows you to work towards live gunfire. It is also required equipment once you have your dog trained up and start participating in hunt tests and field trials.


LCS Bird Bags

LCS Better Game Bird Bag

LCS Better Game Bird Bag

Game bird bagsare the only way to transport birds into the training field for planting, as the hinged steel snap closure on top allows your hand to slip in and grab the birds without them flying off first. The bag is easy to clean with a garden hose and you just hang to dry.



LCS Better Stakeout

LCS Better Stakeout

This is an item that is so important to have when traveling with dogs that you just need to leave it in your truck with a rubber mallet. The stakeout chain works to hold your dog securely at hunt tests or hunt camp, but allows him enough movement to be comfortable.


Bird Dog Armor Vest

LCS Bird Dog Armor Vest

LCS Bird Dog Armor Vest

The Bird Dog Armor Vestis the best protection from tough terrain available for your hunting buddy, especially younger dogs or shorthaired breeds. The blaze orange back serves as safety gear for high visibility.



We've had a good bird hunting season out here and are getting ready to transition into the work of breeding, whelping and raising Wirehaired Pointing Griffon puppies. We hope you get a chance to enjoy some late season hunting and good times with loved ones in this joyous time of year. Merry Christmas and Happy Hunting coming to you from Nebraska!

-Charity Upchurch, LCS Copy Writer

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