LCS Bird Dog Armor Vest 2

  • LCS Bird Dog Armor Vest 2

    The LCS Bird Dog Armor Vest 2 takes the same great design as the Bird Dog Armor vest and adds extra protection and a better fit on your dog. We increased the thickness of the vest's material to hold up better to harsh brush in upland cover. It has the same high visibility bright orange rip-stop nylon fabric that covers from the dog's shoulder to the loin with reflective strips. Now with three 2-inch wide adjustable straps across the back to reduce the vest bunching up and allow for a better more consistent fit. The vest's quick clips make putting it on or taking off a snap. This vest is ideal for hunting in cooler months, whereas the Bird Dog Armor Vest 1 is ideal for those hotter summers and early fall months.

    Available in sizes small, medium, and large.
    Small fits dogs 30-45 lbs.
    Medium fits dogs 45-65 lbs. Large fits dogs 65+ lbs.

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