SportDOG Accessory Beeper

  • This completely redesigned beeper from SportDOG weighs only a few ounces and provide serious and reliable performance. It is completely waterproof and shockproof and offers a wide range of volume setting and nine different sounds to help you locate your dog in the field. The Add A Beeper gives you the choice of three different modes where the beeper will sound based on your hunting conditions - run/point, point only, or locate only. The locate only feature can be remotely operated from the handheld transmitter on a SportDOG1825, 1875, or 2525 system.

    Additional features include that it is rechargeable (two hours) instead of a replaceable battery, and that the beeper sounds can be changed remotely from your handheld with the dog up to one mile away! A great feature that allows you to adjust in the field based on changing conditions. The SportDOG Beeper sets a new standard for performance and features.


    System Compatibility:

    SportDOG FieldTrainer 425

    SportDOG SportHunter 825

    SportDOG SportHunter 1825

    SportDOG WetlandHunter 1825 Camo

    SportDOG UplandHunter 1875

    SportDOG ProHunter 2525


    Beeper Replacement Battery:

    SportDOG Remote Beeper Battery Kit

  • Special Features of the SportDOG Beeper:

    • 9 selectable tones
    • Instant locate feature with the touch of a transmitter button
    • Realhawk beeper sound
    • Placement knob to secure beeper in place



    Range - Audible to 500 yards.

    Waterproof - DryTek waterproof and submersible to 25 feet

    Batteries - Rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Charge in 2 hours, last 60-80 hours per charge.

    Low Battery Indicator - Yes


    Beeper Options:

    • High Volume Beep
    • High Volume Hawk
    • Double High Beep
    • Bob White Quail Call
    • High Falling to Low Beep
    • Triple Beep
    • Double High Falling to Low Beep
    • Low Volume Beep
    • Low Volume Hawk


    Receiver without strap - 3.40" x 1.70" x 1.80"

    • Beeper
    • Orange Collar Strap
    • Charging Adaptor
    • Operating Guide
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