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    • Sterile Skin Stapler Remover - Dog First Aid

      The Skin Staple remover is designed to provide fast and easy removal of all brands of surgical skin staples. If you are an intense hunter and have found yourself using the skin staplers, it is always best to carry along a staple remover as well. With this high quality scissor-action remover, it combines plastic handles with metal tips, for improved user comfort.

      Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available, satisfaction guaranteed.

      How to Remove Surgical Staples on Dogs

      Step 1

      Wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap before handling the tools you will use to remove the surgical staples. Alternately, you can also wear a pair of surgical gloves to prevent dirt and bacteria that may be present on your hands from getting near the incision site.

      Step 2

      Clean and sterilize the tools that you will be using to remove the staples using isopropyl alcohol.

      Step 3

      Wipe the incision area with a piece of gauze soaked in isopropyl alcohol to help remove dirt and debris from the area.

      Step 4

      Place the dog in your assistant's lap so that she can firmly hold the dog but also allow you easy access to the incision site.

      Step 5

      Place your cutting pliers in the center of the surgical staple, and carefully snip the staple into two pieces.

      Step 6

      Using your needle nose pliers, grasp one side of the surgical staple and carefully pull it out in a straight upward motion to free it from the skin. Do not yank the staple from the skin quickly, rather pull the staple out slowly until it is free. Place the removed staple to the side and remove the second piece of the surgical staple.

      Step 7

      Repeat this process to remove each staple, working on only one staple at a time until they have all been removed.

      Step 8

      Wipe the incision site with gauzed soaked in isopropyl alcohol again, and then apply a thin layer of antibacterial ointment to the small holes left behind from the surgical staple removal.

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