LCS Reflective 1 Inch Dayglo O-Ring

  • The LCS Reflective Day-Glo O-Ring Dog Collar adds a ½ in. high visibility reflective strip to our classic 1 in. day-glo collar. The strip is laid over the nylon prior to coating it in polyurethane, keeping the important qualities of this collar that make it the choice of professionals. The polyurethane coating makes the collar water-resistant, protects the nylon from abrasions and soil, provides a UV protection against fading and makes it antimicrobial, avoiding mold, mildew, germs, toxins and chemicals. You can simply wash with soap, rinse with water and wipe with a cloth.

    Constructed with industrial rivets and nickel plated hardware, these collars last for years with daily wear even if you’re doing extensive leash work and frequent staking out. The reflective strip will make the dog visible in any beam of light, whether a flashlight or a car headlight for maximum safety. Add a brass nameplate with your name and contact information for added protection should your dog become lost.

    Please measure the actual size of your dog’s neck prior to ordering for an accurate fit, available in 13 in., 15 in., 17 in., 19 in., and 21 in., specify when ordering.

    LCS Pro Tips - Measuring Your Dogs Neck

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