Dogtra YS300 No-Bark Collar

  • Dogtra YS300 Yapper Stopper Bark Collar

    The Dogtra YS300 No Bark Collar is a safe alternative to stop unwanted barking. The YS300 is bark sound activated and is made for dogs 10 pounds or larger. The sound recognition sensor uses a microprocessor to distinguish between the dog’s bark and the surrounding ambient noise. 

    The YS300 is the smallest rechargeable No Bark Collar from Dogtra and is packaged in an ultra-compact form.  The Dogtra YS300 uses a patented non-stimulating Pager Vibration warning and low-mid stimulation in 1-6 levels. The Dogtra YS300 is fully waterproof and comes with 5/8" Surgical Stainless Steel Contact Points, a 2-hour rapid charge battery and charger, an antimicrobial collar strap, and a 1-year warranty.

    Replacement Accessories:

    Dogtra YS300 Wall Charger

    Dogtra YS300 Vehicle Charger


    • "Bark Recognition" distinguishes dogs barking from their surrounding ambient noises
    • Non-electrical stimulation vibration warning prior to the stimulation
    • 6 intensity levels (2-7) for a wide variety of dispositions
    • Fits dogs as small as 10 lbs (Receiver weight: 4.0 ounces)
    • 2-hour rapid charge Lithium Polymer batteries
    • LED battery life Indicator
    • Fully waterproof
    • No Bark Collar with collar strap
    • Lithium Polymer Battery Charger
    • Owner's Manual
    • Plastic Dummy Contact Points
  • What size of dog is the YS300 best used for?

    The Dogtra YS300 is best for smaller dogs, as small as 10 pounds. For larger dogs, we recommend the Dogtra YS600 bark collar.


    Does the YS300 have a test mode to test if it is working?

    Yes, the YS300 can be turned to "test mode" by turning the dial to "T". Once set to "T", scratch the test area with a pen or coin. The collar should vibrate three times to indicate that its functioning properly. For more information on setting your collar to test mode, refer to the YS300 Owners Manual.


    My dog is not reacting to the receiver, what should I do?

    If your dog is not reacting to the receiver, first test your collar to make sure that it is functioning correctly. If the collar is functioning correct, make sure that the collar is in the correct position on the dog's neck and is tight enough that both contact points are touching the skin. If you are still experiencing issues, refer to the trouble shooting section of the YS300 Owners Manual.

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