1 inch E-Collar Reflective Replacement Strap

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  • Our 30" LCS Reflective Collar Strap contains a Hi-Viz reflective strip that is permanently bonded to an LCS Day-Glo Collar. These sturdy collars are made out of a thin piece of nylon that is coated in a durable layer of polyurethane. They are held together with industrial rivets and long-lasting, nickel-plated hardware. The polyurethane coating protects the collar from damage from the elements and everyday wear and tear in addition to making it impervious to water and odor. The Hi-Viz reflective strip makes your dog stand out at extreme distances when entering any beam of light. This collar is perfect for dogs running at night or in low-light conditions that may be close to roads. It is available in a D-Ring configuration.

    Width: 1" Length: 30"

    Available Colors:
    Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Green, and Yellow.

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