1 inch E-Collar Reflective Replacement Strap


  • Our 30" LCS Reflective Collar Strap contains a Hi-Viz reflective strip that is permanently bonded to a LCS Day-Glo Collar. These sturdy collars are made out of a thin piece of nylon that is coated in a durable layer of polyurethane. They are held together with industrial rivets and long-lasting, nickel-plated hardware. The polyurethane coating protects the collar from damage from the elements and every day wear and tear in addition to making it impervious to water and odor. The Hi-Viz reflective strip makes your dog stand out in extreme distances when entering any beam of light. This collar is perfect for dogs running at night or in low-light conditions that may be close to roads. It is available in a D-Ring configuration.

    Width: 1" Length: 30"

    Available Colors:
    Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Green, and Yellow.

    LCS Pro Tips - Measuring Your Dogs Neck

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