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  • The NEW Garmin PRO Series - First Impressions

    April 22, 2014 1 min read

    The PRO 550, PRO Trashbreaker and PRO 70 Systems Coming Soon From Garmin!

    The PRO 550, PRO Trashbreaker and PRO 70 Systems Coming Soon From Garmin!

    Just a little preview commentary on the new Garmin / Tritronics E-Collar PRO Series that should be available in May of 2014. We got an advanced set of these collars here at Lion Country Supply to have a good look at them and get familiar with the systems before they hit the market.

    I personally have had some time to look at the Garmin Pro Trashbreaker and the Pro 70. From what I've seen so far, I really like what I see. The charging systems are really cool. They feature a direct plug-in, mini USB type charging cable for the transmitters and a single-piece charging clip system for the collars. Guess what? No more extra-cost charging cradles to lose. I found the charge time to be about 2-hours, not bad!

    The collar receivers feature warning tone and built in LED locator lights that are remotely controlled from the transmitter. The PRO Trashbreaker collars also feature a built-in

    "Bark Limiter" mode, a great extra bonus feature. The Trashbreaker will now run up to 9 collars with double the range of the older model.

    These new systems look very promising, and we can't wait to have you try one.

    -Jack Sankey, LCS Customer Service

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