The 10 Best Supplements for Your Dog

September 28, 2016 2 min read

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Withthe hunting season in fullswing last year, my dog and I were hitting it pretty hard. I don't know how many miles we were covering in aweek but I know that my dog easily doubles whatever Iwalk?probablymore.Hisrecovery time was great with a few days ofproper rest, butI did notice that occasionallyhe seemed a little stiff or sore in the morning or after sleeping.This year I'm adding a few supplements to his dietto make sure he's getting everything he needsto recover properly and feel his best. I'm starting with this package that LCS hasput together, it's a great staring point and helps savea little money as well. Below are are10 of the best selling supplements LCSoffers to keep your hunting buddy feeling great and performing their best.


LCSJSC-21. LCS EZ-ChewJoint Support withMSM Max Strength

Our Soft Chews are formulated with a comprehensive blend of Glucosamine, MSM, Perna Canaliculus Chondroitin and Omega-3 Fatty Acids in a great tasting soft chew dogs love.

2. Cosequin

cosequin-capsulesThis is the number one veterinarian-recommended joint supplement. We carry it two versions, chews tabs and a sprinkle capsule.

3. Dasuquin Chews

Dasuquin ChewChews tabs that include all of the ingredients in Cosequin with some additional ingredients such as Asus,obtained from avocados and soybeans, and have been shown to protect cartilage which leads to improved joint function.

4. Glycocharge

This is a must have supplement for any dog who is going to be hunting or competing for several consecutive days. When your dog works hard, he is using the glycogen stored in his muscles for energy. It normally takes days for these stores to be replenished.If you train and hunt big running, hard working dogs Glycocharge is the right product to keep them healthy and in the field.

5. LCS multi- Vitamin Soft ChewLCSMVC-2

Even with a good quality feed a multi-vitamin supplement is a worthwhile investment. Start them early and reap the benefits in their senior years.

6. Rebound

An oral electrolyte for dogs. It helps fight dehydration from physical activity, vomiting, diarrhea or from surgical procedures.

7. RehydrateRHB

An electrolyte Sports drink for dogs thatis designed to give canines a more effective hydration system than drinking plain water. The effervescent tablet that dissolves in water is formulated to replenish any lost electrolytes (i.e. sodium, chloride, potassium, etc.) due to aerobic activity.

8. Fortiflora

Made by Purina Fortiflora is a probiotic supplement proven to promote intestinal health and balance as well as boost the immune system.

9. AnnamaetImpactIMP

This energy dense nutritional supplement contains fourdifferent animal proteins to provide a more complete and varied breakdown of amino acids allowingworking dogs to keep on wieght.Use a daily supplement during the hunting or trialing season for fast recovery of thin, debilitated or post-operative animals.

10. ZoomDog Hunt Dog Hunt SupplementHDH

A fast-acting supplement containing powerful antioxidants and joint nutrients. Hunting dogs need more antioxidants in their diet to combat these free radicals. They also require more joint nutrients than most dogs to maintain the shock-absorbing qualities in their joints.



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