Annamaet Endure

  • Annamaet Endure is a powdered supplement for dogs designed to keep joints healthy and the gut functioning properly. Suggested intake is one scoop (included) daily for a 50-pound dog to then have sprinkled on your hunting dog’s food throughout his life will help him have a longer and more active life in the field as he ages. Endure also helps relieve stiffness and improve digestion in aging dogs.

    Each does of Endure contains:

    *Serving size: 2 teaspoons or 10cc.

    • 1000 MG Glucosamine HCL increases joint flexibility by enabling joints to hold more moisture.
    • 700 MG Chondroitin Sulfate derived from shark cartilage decreases stiffness by improving the thickness of the joint fluid for better lubrication of the joints.
    • 1000 MG Green Lipped Mussel provides a natural anti-inflammatory from an edible shellfish found near New Zealand. Also a rich source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids.
    • 3000 MG of Psyllium is a plant-derived soluble fiber that strengthens the gut villi and helps prevent constipation and diarrhea by balancing water movement in the digestive system.

    Available in a 400 gram (64 doses) bag, 5.0 lb. (368 doses) pail.

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