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    August 18, 2014 2 min read

    Summer has flown by and we are really looking forward to an excellent hunting season as we have been having a very moderate wet summer. The woods are thick. We have been seeing as many clutches of grouse as ever and the bunnies are everywhere! I have been able to keep my beagles in the bush and they are well tuned for this time of year. The summer field trials have been good to us. We were at Cayuga Lake Beagle Club competing in a class of 47 13" females and were very proud to make it into 3rd series with both hounds we had entered along with my buddy Kellen Gerhart who owns a pup out of my FC Rebel and FC Ruby. Pearl did not end up making it through the 3rd series but we got Large Marge and Gem, the Rebel / Ruby pups into the 8 dog winner's pack!! Marge ended up 6th and Gem 5th but the running was non-stop.


    A couple of weeks later found us headed to Lykens Valley beagle club for the Shamokin beagle club's field trial and the day was brutally hot. The grass was as dry as anything we have run on this year and the dogs really had to work. There were 22 very nice hounds entered at this one and after motoring through 1stand 2nd series Gem and Pearl placed 2nd and 3rdrespectively!! A whole lot of our success is due to the products that we use to cool the dogs fast and keep them hydrated. The dog box fans that mount directly in the door of my Owens diamond plate dog box as well the Rehydrate tablets in
    their water and the dogs are rested ready to go when called for.


    - Andy Purnell, LCS Customer Service

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