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    August 01, 2014 2 min read

    Lion Country Supply Says:LCSs

    You know you’re a REAL “Dog Person” IF:

    1. You have the latest model of almost every brand of “e-collar” made.
    2. You have memorized the phone numbers of the 3 nearest shooting preserves, but can’t remember your own cell phone number.
    3. You prefer the smell of your wet dog over the smell of cheap perfume.
    4. You have a pack of Beagles named after the last 6 Presidents.  (One is named “Bush II”, of course.)
    5. The rear seat of your SUV has never been in the “UP” position.
    6. You are able to operate the Garmin “ASTRO” and “ALPHA” as multi-dog systems with no problems at all.
    7. You can’t wait to get your hands on the latest Garmin / Tri-tronics and Sport Dog products.
    8. You can ID the Grade of any UGARTECHEA side-by-side shotgun with simply a quick glance.
    9. There is a dog box in your vehicle year-round.
    10. You bring all the dogs into the house on sub-zero nights and throw a “Canine-Bash” for them.
    11. The dates for Lion Country Supply’s annual “Bird Dog Days” are already written on your calendar.
    12. You buy your vehicles suited for hunting and field-trials, not family use.
    13. You spend more per month on dog food and vet bills than you do for household expenses.
    14. You know the actual neck-sizing measurements for collars for every one of your dogs.
    15. You stop in to “Lion Country Supply Storefront” just to meet staff and place a face with the telephone voice with whom you always order.
    16. You remember the whelping dates of all your litters, but can’t remember your kids’ birthdays.
    17. You know who invented the “Wonder String” training lead.
    18. You have the LCS Whelping Box Plans memorized.
    19. Your spanking-new velour truck seats are covered with muddy paw prints.
    20. You sometimes kiss the dog and bark at your spouse.
    21. You often spend a week’s pay on shotgun ammo.
    22. You own multiple bird dogs AND hounds and love them all!
    23. You have more videos of your dogs running than of your children growing up.
    24. Most of your friends will never ride in your new $40,000 truck, but your dogs have already claimed the full-sized rear seat.

    Jack Sankey, LCS Customer Service

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