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  • Stainless Steel Double Diner Review!

    June 09, 2014 1 min read



    The Double Diner from LCS is a must have for your dog's eating and drinking needs. Ranger, my Setter is getting pretty big and I decided that he needed bigger bowls so I looked around the warehouse and saw the Stainless Steel Double Diner. I am very glad I did. The bowls are built very durable and are very sturdy. I like them because they are surprisingly lightweight and easy to clean. I didn't like how every time he ate he had to hunch over real bad to get to the bowls. I looked up online and saw that dogs can get trouble with the shoulders by eating like that. The frame that holds the bowls in the air is sturdy as well and light and not heavy at all. It also has rubber tips on the bottom that prevent it from sliding on smooth surfaces. I did some tests on it by bumping it and sliding it around and found it is wide enough to reduce the chance of a spill. This system comes in 1qt, 2qt and 3qt sizes. I was going to get the smaller size but figured that Ranger would grow into them, so I bought the large one. The system is great to travel with and was not a burden to take with me on trips. Overall I think the Double Diner would be a great item that may save your dog from some problems in the future.


    -Jim/Ranger, your LCS Shipping Team

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